I left work that day feeling uneasy. The 20 minute drive home was a blur; the streets and trees and cars melding into a dull static of white noise. My hands worked the steering wheel from muscle memory and my subconscious led me home with little voluntary work. I drifted into my room, my thoughts foggy and unaligned. My bed was slightly messy from sleeping in it the night before and I plopped down on my white fur comforter and stared up at my BODY

I awoke to the sound of quiet footsteps in the kitchen. I live with my brother in a 2 bedroom house, so I chalked the noise up to him getting a late night snack. It was weird, though, that he woke me up. I normally can’t hear anything over the constant hum of my AC unit, but I then realized my AC wasn’t lit up or running. I tried turning on my bedside lamp, but the bulb remained black after a few turns of the knob. Powers out, I thought. Maybe my brother got up to fix the electricity.

I rolled over onto my side and picked my phone up from where it rested on the bed next to me. The screen lit up and the time flashed at the top: almost 11 pm. Several notifications lined up below it. 4 missed calls, 2 new voicemails, and 6 text messages. I unlocked my phone and saw they were all from Danny. I clicked my messages icon and began reading:

8:32PM: “Hey babe! You get home safe?”

9:03PM: “Hey can you call me? I’m worried about you!!”

9:24PM: “Babe. Call me back.”

9:56PM: “My calls are going to voicemail. Are you fucking cheating on me?? Call. Me.”

10:12PM: “I know you’re fucking Eric. I see the way he looks at you, you whore. Call me or it’s over.”

10:23PM: “I’m coming over.”

Bewildered by the sudden onslaught of accusations, I started listening to the voicemails when something shattered in the hall leading towards my door. I jumped, sending my phone flying from my hands and landing on the other side of my room. The footsteps grew louder till rolled over and woke up to a bright and better day .
The end

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