Mohbad: Lizzy Anjorin Mobbad Mom Advises Mothers of Every Nigerian , “Join SPIRITUAL, for Your Children/

 Nollywood actress Lizzy Anjorin has shared her hot take following the sudden death of singer Mohbad In a trending video, the movie star advised mothers who have musicians as sons to join secret cults or witchcraft Anjorin’s interesting advice to celebrity mothers sparked an online discussion, with some netizens agreeing with her. 

Popular Nigerian actress Lizzy Anjorin has shared advice with celebrity mothers after the death of singer Mohbad. Mohbad’s demise left many Nigerians shaken after he passed on at the young age of 27 under controversial circumstances. 

During an Instagram live session, Anjorin told mothers with sons in the music industry to join cults to protect them. According to her, the mothers should quickly take steps to make sure their dead child is not brought home to them. 


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