ALBUM: Ajimovoix Drums – That Unserious Focus Boi (T.U.F.B)


Nigerian singer, songwriter, record producer & multi-instrumentalist, Ajimovoix Drums has taken the world by storm following his debut 2024 release ‘FOCUS DANCE BEAT‘ which got the whole Nigerian music industry in a frenzy, birthing the dance style known as Focus Dance created by Hagman and Abati, breaking social media records in 2021 for the most famous dance participation in the Nigeria music industry sending the track viral and propelling Alimovoix Drums into the spotlight!

Having since gone on to secure a music distribution deal with Horus Music, a music publishing deal with Anar Publishing, scooping up several awards and working on collaborative projects with Afrobeat giants such as Don Jazzy and Dice Ailes, Ajimovoix Drums has paved the way for African talent and created a space within the mainstream for the increasingly popular Afrobeat genre.

Ajimovoix Drums has already amassed over 20,000 monthly listeners on Spotify alone single handedly ‘FOCUS DANCE BEAT was featured in the Apple Music Charts Top 100 which is featured on the album, reached number 1 on the Tune Ednut Top 10 countdown, and continues to trend heavily around the globe. The track also saw him secure a sync licensing deal with Netflix film ‘Chief Daddy 2′, cementing Ajimovoix Drums’ success across the industry.

After several notable releases including ‘PLAY PLAY BEAT‘ and ‘LAGOS SCATTER DANCE BEAT‘ collectively securing millions of streams on Spotify alone, Ajimovoix Drums is back with his highly anticipated debut album “THAT UNSERIOUS FOCUS BOI (T.U.F.B)“. Offering a unique blend of Afropop, Afrobeat and Street-hop, T.U.F.B features top tracks such as ‘FOCUS DANCE BEAT‘ and ‘AJIMQVOIX DANCE BEAT 2‘, whilst also exploring a series of new songs showcasing Ajimovoix Drums’ refined sound.

Going back to his roots as a singer-songwriter, Ajimovoix Drums reintroduces himself as a versatile artist across the 10-track album, focusing on creating introspective and motivational songs which illustrates his dynamic ability to weave traditional vocal chants with modern Afrobeat timbres. Staying true to his signature sound, T.U.F.B demonstrates a maturity in Ajimovoix Drums’ musicality through stand-out tracks such as ‘ALUBARIKA‘ in his native tongue Yoruba.

T.U.F.B takes the listener on a journey, serving a fresh blend of conventional African sounds emphasising Ajimovoix Drums’ Lagos roots and gospel background on the opening tracks ‘YOUR TOUCH’ and MERCY. Interweaving Afrobeat rhythms throughout the album, T.U.F.B leaves the heavy hits for the latter half, closing strong with the ever popular ‘AJIMOVOIX DANCE BEAT 2’ and the new track ‘AFRO DANCE BEAT

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DOWNLOAD FULL ALBUM: Ajimovoix Drums – That Unserious Focus Boi (T.U.F.B) (ZIP FILE)




 1. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Your Touch (Temibale Fiowookan)


2. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Mercy (Anu Labere)


3. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Alubarika


4. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Fake Life (Edited)


5. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Ori Ade


6. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums Ft Hagman DC & Abati – Focus Dance Beat


7. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums Ft C Blvck – Lamba


8. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Street Anthem Dance Beat


9. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Ajimovoix Dance Beat 2


10. DOWNLOAD MP3: Ajimovoix Drums – Afro Dance Beat

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