19 October, 2022

(A New Dawn) MiddleBelt Coin (MBC) Is The Future



MiddleBelt Coin (MBC) is owned by MiddleBeltwallet Security #1Email verification/notification, 
#2Google Authentication And your Profile.

  *MiddleBelt Coin (MBC) is Launched already 
 _ On Poocoin And Pancake Swap_

MBC On Poocoin And Pancake Swap

About MiddleBelt Coin (MBC)

Coins created 5,000MBC

2,000MBC Locked for 5years.
1500MBC Locked for 2years.
1000MBC Locked for 1year.

Locked MBC Link HERE


Only 500MBC is in circulation!!!

MiddleBeltwallet And MiddleBelt coin, all launched at the same time.

work is DONE✅

✅MiddleBelt Records has been in existence since 2020
You can do your research!!!.

The good news about MiddleBelt Wallet...

✅You will be able to withdraw your coins to your Bank account
✅You will be able to do P2P
✅You will be able to add any coin on it
✅When someone registers on MiddleBelt wallet using your code you will get a ref bonus weekly!!!!!

MiddleBelt Coin (MBC)

Total Supply:
5,000 MBC

Contact Address ( CA )


BNB Smart Chain 

MiddleBelt Coin



Instagram: @middlebeltrecord

Or Whatsapp +2348133381718

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