Monkeypox and HIV Positives.

This paper (, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, looks unimpressive at first glance. However, it states that...

"Overall, 98% of the persons with infection were gay or bisexual men, 75% were White, and 41% had HIV infection; the median age was 38 years."

We knew about the fact that this virus is mainly spreading within the LGBTQ+ community (most likely) due to sexual practices (not going into details here; thank me later). 

But the most disturbing part is the 41% HIV positives combined with 95% sexual transmission. It indicates that many HIV positives had unprotected sex. 

It's a societal declaration of bankruptcy that kids are considered Covid spreaders and potential grandma killers, and, at the same time, we aren’t even allowed to highlight the monkeypox transmission issue, let alone condemn that HIV positives have unprotected sex to avoid stigmatisation. 

✅ Declaring war on unvaxxed (Link Here) = OK

🆘 Mentioning unprotected sex of people within the LGBTQ+ community = hatred and agitation

And even though nine out of 15 members of WHO's own "expert panel" voted against an emergency declaration of Monkeypox, the organizations corrupt leader, Dr. Tedros (Link Here), overruled them and stated that ( "For all of these reasons, I have decided that the global monkeypox outbreak represents a public health emergency of international concern."

That Gates-funded organization is deeply dangerous!


Dr. Simon