Yahoo plus : What Boys Do for Money

What Boys Do for Money 

Yahoo + (plus) Gone wrong..

In this century we all know about the term Yahoo Boys this is a major Way African Young Teenage and Grownups do to earn a living. 

This is a Major Way of income for most people of these days as they depend on Scamming to earn a living. 

As at 10 of March a viral Video reaching  out to  MYHOTPLUG Desk of a Yahoo boy Plus method. 

Note: this Video is Rated 18+ And is not meant for younger people watch responsibly 

Yahoo Plus as the name is known is a way in which metaphysics (VOODOO) Is added to make their Client's Scam Victims pay more money this is done by a Baba Habalyst 

I will explain more about Scams and their victim's prevention and protection in my next Audit. 

In recent times this has made a lot of people rich as some see it ungodly while some go hard on this method. 

Mr Anonymous Explaid how he visited a well known alpha (Babalawo) for his plus and was instructed to have sex with a 10-year-old tortoise every midnight and take his bath by  1 am then text his victims. 

These Have made Mr and Mrs Anonymous wealthy which owns a home and a E class Benz of his own. 
 But as time goes one he faced some grave challenges as he says. 

The Suspicion is what happens when He has sex with a lady..... Please drop your thought in the comment below 

The video below watch responsibly 

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