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Talented Nigerian songbird, Simi has another tune ready for us this week tagged, “Woman.”

Simi is a strong advocate for the female specie and she couldn’t hide but put it up in a song titled, “Woman.” She has argued so much about gender equality on social media and her answer is simple and straight which is backing the ladies and females in the building.

challenge on social media with the hashtag #NobodyLikeWoman. Deja’s mum has urged women to indulge in the challenge where she encouraged them to speak out on their ordeal considering the fact that they are vulnerable in the society. Internet users has started the where they depicts the degrading and insultive words they have received because thet are ladies.

Apparently, the song was recorded in a Fela’s fashion and the popularity of the style will definitely take the sound to stardom. “Woman” is Simi’s third official sound for 2021 after “Happy Birthday” dedicated to her daughter’s birthday was used to kick-start the year. “Duduke” (French Version) also came as her sophomore craft for 2021 and she’s not satisfied for the year.

Inclusively, the “Woman” challenge shows different women posting black and white pictures of themselves with inscription, “Pay Attention” and it has currently generated fuss online.

Lastly, the melody “Woman” will form part of her forthcoming studio project and it was produced by Vtek. The music video has already been shot and it will available for our eye jollification in no time.


“Woman” has some catchy lyrics like:

“woman don suffer oh, lower everybody (suffer suffer for hell, enjoy for heaven), man e no like woman, woman no like woman, she no be like water (water e no get enemy), if woman no go marry oh (then she no be woman), if woman no go carry omo (she no be woman), if she no get man for side, them go dey push woman aside, and eventually oh (them go suffer suffer woman), i never talk finish x3 woman woman nobody be like woman x2”
Listen to “Woman” by Simi below.

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