Deola Aina Launches Deola Aina Cosmetics


Just a girl who loves makeup, hoping to infect you with some of the love.” – Deola Aina.
At an early age Deola Aina has created quality content for the world to watch on her YouTube channel. She features beauty, skincare and lifestyle hacks especially regarding finances and personal development. She is not only very relatable and practical but also realistic. Well we love her, and her love for makeup made her launch her own cosmetic company, Deola Aina Cosmetics.

In an interview with Guardian, she says, “In the next five years, I am hoping to have grown from makeup artist and brand marketing to promoting my own merchandise”. This interview was published on June 10 2020, who knew in just 5 months she was going to launch her own cosmetic company? On 20th November 2020, Deola launched the first makeup collection known as the She’s All African. The reception of it has been absolutely crazy good.

Her support system is the base of it and Deola has poured her love into doing something for them. She has taken her time crafting products, paying attention to what a woman needs and is meeting them. This is a woman whose brand is joining the African makeup brands.

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