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It is a super cool day out here and our correspondent linked up with super star musician Ecezz Mdt and he took us into his world!!!
Excepts below
JT: Good day, May we know you please
Ecezz Mdt: I am Chukunedum Chimdi Raymond, formerly known as Excess but now rebranded to Ecezz Mdt and  I hail from Delta State
And am 20 years old
JT: How long have you been doing music?
Ecezz Mdt: A year and 9 month
JT: What has the experience been like?
Ecezz Mdt: Well
It's always up and down but its good
I really enjoy singing and all that about music
Is always hard to please people,
Have learnt am not just singing to please myself but the world
Which makes it hard tho
JT: Wow, the journey just got started.. Where do you see yourself in the next 5 years in the music industry
Ecezz Mdt: I see myself among the top 3 best
Am sure I will get the Grammys
Tho my music is not what everyone loveS generally now
But am certain by next year I will improve to everyone's taste
Am working hard to get to the top
JT: Recently there's been a name change... What brought about that
Ecezz Mdt: My management saw the need for a rebrand and sold the ideal to me, It was appealing so am super excited about what not just the name but the music that will come with it
JT: Music has a lot of competition.. What makes your sound unique, what stands you out
Ecezz Mdt: My love for rock music
Tho most Nigerians don't like it
All my life, I always listened to Rock
So when I started singing
I was now singing Rock
But my producer helped me come in terms with singing more like Nigerians
Due to the effort of trying to change my style of music
It's now what you all listen
But with time
I will sing my style of music, which is rock
I also have role models like Micheal Jackson and owl city
I learnt how to make good lyrics from owl city
JT: That's amazing!!
What are the challenges you have faced since u started doing music
Ecezz Mdt: Criticisms !!
Music has made me strong
I now believe no one can hurt my feelings
My first song was all about criticisms
Only my family and few friends said is good
I almost gave up
But I didn't because my dad asked me to sing more

Another one is making good music
This is hardest challenge for me
Flavour once told me
I can go to the top with one track, but I need more than 20 tracks to stay on top
Getting to the top is hard for me and staying will be hard too
JT: Talking about motivation.
What motivates you and do you have senior colleagues in the music industry you look up to
Ecezz Mdt: I love singing like this is my life mehn
It helps me overcome hard times
Is the one thing that makes me happy
And the only thing my parents allowed me to do and support me
JT: So,

Ecezz Mdt:Cuts in..... My parents motivate me
Ecezz Mdt:They are successful and I don't want them to think I failed, I don't want failure
So I have to do anything to make sure am on the top
I look up to Wizkid, Fireboy, Davido and Naira Marley
JT: Awesome!!
So amongst the few artists you mentioned above, if you are to be on a record with one of them, who would you feature
Ecezz Mdt: Wizkid, We all known what and where he is taking African sound to
He has the unique way he places words that makes his songs amazing,
Fireboy too has the uniqueness
JT: About the music industry, which producers or artists have you worked with so far
Ecezz Mdt: Am open to working with every good producer out there but currently i work with Dj Sero's
JT: How has the support from your family been towards your music dream
Ecezz Mdt: As earlier mentions, My family have supported with all there heart
With everything they have including financial help
JT: That is rare, but I see the energy you put into your music.. Would you say, music motivates you in life?
Ecezz Mdt: It does
It's a means of expressing myself
Things I couldn't say
Cause I have no one to talk to
I use them as lyrics
Music is life to me
JT: I can imagine!! Great things happen to great people who work hard... So, about your music, how many songs have you recorded so far
Ecezz Mdt: About 13 unreleased records but it won't take time before we strategize on releasing music and i can't wait!!
JT: Subsequently we will be premiering these songs for fans to have a feel.. How do you feel about the rebranding of your stage name
Ecezz Mdt: I feel good, It's super exciting!!
JT: The girls will definitely love this.. Hehehehehe, tell us more about you, things the world doesn't know yet
Ecezz Mdt: Am very focused
Very social
And never gives up
JT: With a lot of contents in the plans to come out from you, what should your fans be expecting in a short while
Ecezz Mdt: The very best
My most favorite track
I've got content mehn
JT: I've been privileged to listen to a few of your unreleased records, Do you have words for your fans
Ecezz Mdt: Yes.. I really appreciate there support and love
And I promise to give them good music, we've rebranded and trust me, The new sound is on another whole new level
JT: It was a nice time having you on our platform.. Any words for our team
Ecezz Mdt: Yeah. Thanks for this opportunity
And hope the energy stays on a 100 when my songs drop
JT: Surely we will be here to support
Ecezz Mdt: Thank you and God Bless all the media houses supporting my brand


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