You Can Now Master Your Instrumental And Beats To Professional Standards - MrTimz

You can now master your instrumental and beats to professional standard.
1-full Stereo surround
2-Normal overall gain/volume
3-left-right automation
4-Zero distortion
5-Clean and noiseless out put
Price-2hour mastering 5k
-4hour mastering 8k
Note-- the more time you buy for your track the better the track.
This is the reason why producers always have good and clean songs for themselves. Step up your game!!!!
Strictly for Cubase and FL studio data. Whatsapp MrTimz via 08057823278 or 08170211305
Below is an awesome piece composed, produced and mix/mastered by MrTimz
The love song titled Do Me serves as proof as to while spending more time on a record is very vital to having the best production... Don't you agree??

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