[MUSIC] Emmy OG - Back To God

This generation is the most arrogant and proud of all. Science is on the increase chipping away at faith’s underlying verities. God made the world a beautiful place, put man in charge, and Man messed up the universe.

Virus can now be created in laboratories. Countries have loaded their arsenals with weapons of mass destruction. Atheists speaking profanely like there is no God.
But then, just one plaque and the whole world is down in fear. Running helter-skelter looking for solutions.

Wars, hunger, famine, and starvation. Depression, oppression, suppression, repression, and frustration. Who do we run to? Where is our salvation…

The Grace of God has left humanity… We are only left with his MERCY. Let’s run back to God now.
He alone can heal our world.

My new song “Back to God” was creatively composed and divinely inspired by the Holy Spirit to bless your soul.

Kindly download and share.


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