Covid 19 Chinese Suspension ..

A List of Questions and Possible Answers where made in Public on the Internet about The Chinese Been the Forerunner of Corona Virus , As Of the time COVID19  Emaged into the United state before spreading to serveral part of the world.

The World Stock market recorded a down slide in China Assets . making these the perfect time to unleash. 

Several Sources state that these could be the evolution of science and Technology , 5G interface and Artificial Intelligence (AI) also know as the Chinese Century. 

 Victims of these Virus are particular from a specific age grade and its Victimes are targeted the rest of the world will be collateral Damaged or Victims of Natural phenomenon.

There are hundreds of thousands of wet markets in China, and Chinese have been eating bats for centuries, and now all of a sudden, at a time 
when China was losing the trade war, somehow magically a virus rolls out and brings down the world. 

China kicks out all Western media, while everything goes uptick in China and life back to normal. This was no accident, it was the perfect timing in history to do this, to kick off the roaring 20s and make this the Chinese century.

Do you really think coronavirus was a natural event when the timeline says otherwise?

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38 mins ago
COVID 19 was harvested from bats and cultured in a Chinese lab and whether accidentally or deliberately unleashed on the public .

China's reckless endangerment in hiding and misrepresenting the severity of the outbreak lead to a pandemic worse than most of the other pandemics the Chinese have spread across the globe .

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